Newest Inspiration

Magic of Daylight – TGS SbS

The Gnome Sun takes place in a world full of magic – literally. Before the events that lead up to this adventure, the natural magical field of the world is…

The Gnome Sun – SBS

The Gnome Sun is an adventure about a world slowly going dark. It’s an effect of magic being used up, which only gets worse once everyone relies on magic for…
blue sky

Society in the Endless Blue – HitS SBS

No society exists in a vacuum. Every society is shaped by outside influences at least to some extent. Unless, of course, this society exists in a vacuum after all, removed…
Vintage research lab full of medieval and old scrolls

Glonkard’s Manufactory – SBS

Glonkard’s Manufactory used to be one of the most renowned centers for both potioncraft and commerce in the Gnome capitol of Orilam. Think 70s marketing enthusiasm meets proper working alchemy.…

Hole in the Sky – SBS

Hole in the Sky is about happens when an ancient civilization is forced to flee, but picks an unusual direction. One that will make it almost impossible for them to…
Papercraft Inspiration

3D-printed Base for Paper Miniatures

You probably know that paper minis are awesome. What makes them even more so are removable bases. They let you store your collection pretty much flat, and allow you to…

Datadiscs – Paper Toys

Inspired by a box for replacement blades for fabric cutters I designed a set of paper discs that would fit that box. You can use them as data discs for…
Roleplaying Inspiration

Power Word Variations: Stun

Power Word Stun is another Power Word spell from D&D 5e, and it sure is an interesting one. There are three official power word spells (that I am aware of…

Aftermath of the Unfocussing of a God

Cosmic energies are plentiful, vast, and finite. Unraveling a focal point, aka killing a god, can free up a large amount of energy, leaving it unclaimed in the cosmos. There…

The Boxed Ritual – Work in Progress

Imagine a hardwood box roughly the size of a head. At first glance, it looks adorned with carvings that have seen their fair share of weathering. Upon closer inspection, you…

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