Looking for artists to draw your original character or a scene from your game? Looking for someone to illustrate your product, or draw you a map? Look no further!

Despite delusions of grandeur I know I cannot draw. So when I started working on my own roleplaying supplements I knew I needed someone else to do that. To make things look good, I would need to commission art from proper artists. Thus I began taking notes, mainly on Twitter, and compile a List of Artists. (If you are looking for paper minis, ready-made maps and 3D-printing minis, check out this other list. I might need to combine the two at some point).

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List of Artists
Noteworthy Things worth noting

  • I did my best to sort this list. Also, some of these splendid artists do more than just one thing. I am still looking for a good way to represent this, and if you have any ideas I would love to hear them!
  • If you know (or are) someone who should be on this list do not hesitate to contact me and I will gladly add you or them!
  • To keep things simple, I will only list links to the artists’ online presences and not their actual work. I think that works best considering I cannot pick the one piece to best represent their work.
  • If you are on this list and wish not to be or to go by a different name instead of the one I used just let me know!
  • Also, I have no idea whether any of them are currently doing commissions. Do not be disappointed when they are not currently available at some point in time.
  • Last but not least, (and I should not even have to mention this) credit artists when you share their art, and get permission before you use their stuff in any way!

Character Artists

Scenery Artists

I have no idea whether this is a good sub-category to make, but we will see.
Categorizing all these awesome people is not easy, so bear with me as the List of Artists evolves.


Custom Character Sheets

  • Hannah T – Twitter, Weebly
  • Help me fill this list! Send me more entries!

Mini Painters



This might look like an odd addition to the List of Artists, but I believe editors deserve to be here. If you are writing and can afford it, get an editor to make your writing that much better!

Anyone else?

I am sure that for every amazing artist I add to this List of Artists I am missing at least 2.3 more. That’s just science! So help me out and let me know who you think needs to be on this list so I can add them.

Share artists and their art (the right way, with credit and permission). And if you found this helpful, please share it so others can, too!

And remember to Be Inspired!

(Featured Image by Andrian Valeanu via Unsplash)