WPC proudly presents Walled up!, a modular set to give you walls of fire and ice, magical cages, and screens of smoke and lightning, for powerful wizards, devious traps or ancient prisons. Find it here, and learn more about it below!

  • wall pieces in six flavors (Fire, Poisonous Gas, Smoke or Fog, Lightning, Ice, and Magic)!
  • best printed on cardstock for stability or transparencies for more awesome!
  • various lengths for straight and angled walls conforming to a 1″ grid!
  • support pylons in four different colors!
  • transparent supports for walls without a physical source!
  • .studio cut files for everything!

Use the link below to get all the magic walls you ever dreamed of!

WPC Walls Promo 2

It is hard to put the multitude of options that this set gives you into pictures, but I will do my best. As you can guess, Walled Up is nothing if not flexible. Why don’t you check out the video for a complete look at what it can do:

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WPC Walls Promo 1