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Here you can find all my projects and much more for your inspiration!

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Welcome to Walking Papercut!

Walking Papercut is where I do roleplay related stuff and paper models. This site ties in with Jabbado's Kitchen whenever culinary possible, and with Be Inspired with Dominic (that's me!)…
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This is me!

I am Dominic (on the right) and I am here to inspire you. Between projects from my workshop, tabletop roleplaying and fantasy cooking, I am sure there is something here for you. Not to mention the mildly inconvenient cult that has taken an interest in what I do.


In the Spire

The Cult's podcast. Don't know the Cult? Start here and watch more of my videos over on Be Inspired with Dominic!

Be Inspired with Dominic

Both home to my physical projects from the workshop as well as most of the Cult's shenanigans.

Jabbado's Kitchen

Fantasy cooking for a more immersive (roleplaying) experience!

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