Newest Inspiration
An open book of spells in full Moon. Reader imagination and writing inspiration concept with copy space

Confiscated Motive – Control Magic Item

Why was it confiscated? Who was it taken from? And who might it motivate? The Confiscated Motive is one of the metaphysical materials you can collect in the game Control,…
Abstract psychedelic background, curved multi-colored lines, neon glow.

Entropic Echo – Control Magic Item

What is echoing here? Why does it influence Entropy? And what would you hear if you could listen to it? The Entropic Echo is one of the metaphysical materials you…

funeral, appearance, piano – Spec-a-Hex #1

The random words generated for this hexflower are “funeral”, “appearance”, and “piano”. Let’s come up with a hexflower based on them! To find out why check out this article. Keep…

Astral Blip – Control Magic Item

What is a Blip? Does it make a distinct sound? And why would it make an interesting companion? The Astral Blip is one of the metaphysical materials you can collect…
Papercraft Inspiration

Oracle of Dragon Teeth

Reach into your pocket and grab a hand full of dragon teeth! Either to impress your friends with your accomplishments hunting the beasts, or to predict the future with a…

3D-printed Base for Paper Miniatures

You probably know that paper minis are awesome. What makes them even more so are removable bases. They let you store your collection pretty much flat, and allow you to…
Roleplaying Inspiration

Soul Snacks – even More Uses

Soul Snacks are tiny specks of soul energy encased in a tasty shell. Devils and demons value them as quick pick-me-ups. Daring adventurers can use them to gain the upper…

Power Word Variations: Kill

Power Word Kill is a spell from D&D 5e, and it is a powerful one. There are three official power word spells (that I am aware of at the time…

Aftermath of the Unfocussing of a God

Cosmic energies are plentiful, vast, and finite. Unraveling a focal point, aka killing a god, can free up a large amount of energy, leaving it unclaimed in the cosmos. There…

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