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There comes a time in every reckless adventurer’s life when they get bored. One of the less wholesome ways to deal with that feeling is to think, “Let’s kill a god!”.

This series of articles deals with the many ways in which deities can be ended or otherwise removed from their positions. While that may look like a great way to just get killed with a divine vengeance, it might actually be what aged adventurers need to feel the thrill of the chase once again.

Each article (after the introductionary ones) will deal with a different type of deity (to make this work with as many systems as possible) and outline a way to remove them from office, so to speak. So, no matter which god you are after, eventually this will answer your call when you say, “Let’s kill a god!”.

how to kill the goddess of agriculture
Let's kill a God

Agriculture – Let’s kill a God #1

Acriculture has been around for ages. Nobody alive today even remembers anyone who lived during a time when there was no goddess of agriculture to pray to for good weather and bountiful harvests. It is a benign force that mainly acts behind the scenes and rarely draws attention through great

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A storm is coming - how to kill a god
Let's kill a God

Let’s kill a God – Intro

It was one of those evenings. The town saved yet again, evil once more banished. The group of adventurers had earned free drink rights in the local tavern ages ago by taking care of the rat monarch in the cellar, and now the townsfolk was more than happy to pay

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