The Gnome Sun is an adventure about a world slowly going dark. It’s an effect of magic being used up, which only gets worse once everyone relies on magic for light. But there is a group of heroes and scientists that try to create something that the world did not have before – a sun.

The fledgeling Gnome Sun, a burning ball at the top of a wooden ladder above a wintery landscape. Image created with Midjourney and not final.

The Hook for The Gnome Sun

Imagine a a world without a sun. The sky slowly lights up in the morning and falls dark in the evening. This different mechanism of daylight and its warmth works based on the magic available in the world. But as more and more spells and magical effects are discovered and widely used, this reservoir is being drained. Eventually, the changes become too much to ignore.

Days are getting shorter, and the peak brightness is waning. This is especially strongly felt during harvest season. The obvious remedy is to set up arcane lights to foster plant growth. In addition, people use magic to heat and light houses, and eventually even the streets. This drains the magic even faster, and it becomes obvious that this is not a sustainable way of life.

A group surrounding a young alchemist set out to create something that they hope would replace the waning daylight with an alchemical construct. This adventure follows their endeavour to see the world end – or light up.

Gnomish Inspirations

There is no major inspiration here that I drew heavily from. Instead, there is a sense that this adventure is aiming for, which can in part be found in movies like “The Day after Tomorrow”, series like “Snowpiercer”, and games like “Frostpunk”. It’s getting dark and cold, and time is running out.

The Gnome Sun – Lists of Entries

  • Magic of Daylight – The basics of the world this adventure takes place in.
  • The Vigilant Gnomes – A family of alchemists decides to do something against the end of the world.
  • Dangers in the Dark – As the world is changing, so are it denizens.
  • How to make Skyfire – An overview of potential alchemical processes that could help save the world.
  • The Mandatory Misantropes – There are always people who try survive at the cost of everyone else.
  • Constructing a Sun – Getting resources in a world on the brink is not an easy feat.
  • Enemies of the Light – Different ideas about what might threaten this whole endeavor.
  • Liftoff – You still have to launch the thing.

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