For my newest product, The Boxed Ritual, I want to take a different approach. I will release it piecemeal, to both get more feedback on the writing process but also to make it easier for me. This is a bigger project, and can get overwhelming easily. With this approach, I hope I can keep working on it without ever thinking “it will never see the light of day anyway”. You know, brains.

Imagine, if you will, a box. At first glance, it looks rather plain. It is basically a cube made of hardwood that has seen its fair share of weathering. Upon closer inspection, you realize that the intricate carvings that cover its surface look like they have seen a rather unfair share of weathering. This box has been burned, chewed, drenched, frozen, and, judging by its smell, fermented. At least it smells that way. But what would you expect from a box that has the possibility to contain or, more acurately, have access to everything?

This is most definitely a work in progress. I will share frequent updates – whenever I finish a section. I will also incorporate feedback to improve all previous releases and make them better. If you check out my stuff, please be generous with your feedback. Hearing about what works helps as much as hearing about what doesn’t.

There will be an index here as soon as the next post pops up!

What is the Boxed Ritual?

At its most basic, the Boxed Ritual is home to the infamous ritual proboscis. You never heard of the ritual proboscis? Well, then it’s about time. It’s as good a way as any to think about what the box does, anyway. It extends said proboscis out into the cosmos, where it will connect to… something.

That’s where the fun begins. Or the dread. Sometimes, terror even. When it connects, something will come through. Anything could happen from a gentle healing rain to elemental forces like fire or water, to ancient star entities that excert their influence.

This started out as something to replace a player at our table, but that idea was doomed from the start. It then developed into a one-of-a-kind magic item that has the potential to wreck havoc with your campaign. You just hold it, concentrate and open it. What could possibly go wrong? Let me tell you. A lot of things.

What can you do?

Let me be frank. I have no idea whether this will work the way I intended. And that’s okay, because it has already outlived my original intention. What I hope is that with your feedback, I can remove things that don’t work and improve upon those that do.

For this, I need you! Your feedback, to be precise. If you can, please take a look at documents to be released, and let me know your thoughts, good and bad. If you feel so inclined, you can even playtest parts of this with your group!

What comes next?

After this anouncement, the first piece to be released will cover all the rules for the Boxed Ritual. While they are prone to updates and corrections, they are all you need to make your own box if you want to. But the larget chunk of this product is the ritual table with a full (d)100 options, and at least (d)4 additional consequences for each. It contains all the things the box can bring to (and into) your game.

If you have any feedback regarding anything, please get in touch. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram or E-Mail.

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Until then, Be Inspired!

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