Soul Snacks are a devilish treat that rarely finds its way to mortal realms, let alone mouths. And for good reason. Soul snacks are not food to soothe the soul, but actually food made from raw soul energy. While their posession is frowned upon in most civilized company, they can provide major benefits to those willing to put up with a little voice inside their heads for a little while.

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Why Soul Snacks?

While the raw material – souls – would be enough to endear this treat to most demons and devils, it also comes with a side effect that is considered most entertaining to fiends – or helpful to mortals. They carry with them fragments of personality.

Seriously, why Soul Snacks?

When ingested by a mortal, the soul fragment embedded in the innocent-looking snack will expand in the mind of its host and unfold an aspect of their former personality. This effect, while scary at first and uncomfortable for most, will no last longer than a few days at most.

More than a strange presence at the back of one’s mind, the shard of soul energy will begin to communicate with whoever has taken it in. This is where the fun begins. Good quality snacks can provide valuable insights and advice.

Those voices can offer aide with fields of study or experience that their host does not have. This makes them a valuable tool for many brands of entrepreneurs, from burglars to diplomats.

Where to find Soul Snacks?

In theory, everyone can make Soul Snacks. The fact that you need a mortal’s soul for the process makes it pretty much a no-go for most normal folk, though.

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