Soul Snacks are tiny specks of soul energy encased in a tasty shell. Devils and demons value them as quick pick-me-ups. Daring adventurers can use them to gain the upper hand in their cosmic adventures. You can get the Soul Snacks roleplaying supplement here. And here, you can find a couple of additional use cases for your Soul Snacks!

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Soul energy powers the eternal conflict between Demons and Devils on a large scale. In turn, Soul Snacks can provide energy to constructs on a smaller scale. Think of a tiny bead of energy that fills a necromantic mechanism with life.

This use case requires the use of the right kind of necromantic magic, which some Soul Snack artisans are willing to provide to paying customers. For less articulare purposes, there are craftspersons in every corner of the cosmic underbelly that can take on the more basic spellwork.

To add another layer to this, the quality of a Soul Snack determines the amount of energy conveyed. This could inform the time an apparatus could be used, the amount of work that it could do, or the general quality of the result.


Games of chance are commonplace among fiends. They are open to any form of gambling, from rolling the dice to pitting hapless mortals against each other. Those who cannot afford to bet whole souls but are too ambitious to ressort to mortal currency will place Soul Snacks on the outcome of such endeavours.

The worth attributed to a particular snack may or may not depend on its quality. It may also relate to the soul energy they contain, where they came from, or the artistic prowess that went into making it on a level that mortals cannot even see.

In addition, gambling can be an interesting way for mortal Adventurers to get their hands on Soul Snacks, especially the kind that they cannot bargain for otherwise. The demon posessing vital knowledge without even knowing it might be open to a game of chance rather than selling it to someone who so obviously needs it.

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