I have ideas. Many ideas. Some people close to me say I have too many ideas, myself included. And whenever I try to tackle any one of them, a few ones stand out. They are big ideas. Too big to tackle in one sitting, or even several ones. Ideas that I think I could turn into proper sourcebooks. Ideas that I have tried to turn into sourcebooks. And I failed. With several documents sitting on my computer with medium to high two digit page counts, waiting to be filled.

Too many big ideas

I know the solution. I have know it for a while, and used it on many projects in my workshop. It is time to apply it here. Do them bit by bit. And that is an idea I am calling the Slow Burn Sourcebooks. I will pick them apart and publish them as articles, writing them one sub-sub-idea at a time. If a small piece of my big idea can help you add something interesting to your campaign – if it inspired you – then that’s a win for me, future sourcebook potential be damned.

a stack of aged paper with a quill - what sourcebooks would you write on it?
The dreaded Empty Page.

Planned Slow Burn Sourcebooks

You can expect at the very least three big campaign ideas here. I will keep this intentionally vague here, but maybe that makes it more intriguing. Also, knowing myself, I won’t do these one after another, but whenever I can manage to do something for any of them. That is to say, the sequence below is completely arbitrary.

  • One is about the Sun, and how the Gnomes related to it as the world went dark. This one is called, surprisingly enough, The Gnome Sun.
  • Another deals with the idea of what happens when you journey in one direction, and just keep doing that, with the twist that you are kind of evil or at least morally ambiguous. This one is called Hole in the Sky
  • The last of my big ideas is centered on Gnomes again, featuring a large factory complex set up by alchemists, and why it failed. This one is called Glonkard’s Manufactory.

I will link them accordingly once there is something to link!

AI Disclosure

I will be using AI generated images from Midjourney to illustrate some of the ideas, and to also make the articles look a little better. These sourcebooks are nowhere near financially viable products because they are free for everyone. And also not finished. As such, my budget to commission art is pretty much zero. I am aware of the moral issued, as well as the benefits of having art commissioned, but I am simply not in a position to do so right now.


I am sure that when I write more for a given setting, I will have new thougths and ideas about what I have written before. So I expect to go back every now and then and revisit articles already published – which is something this format allows me to do a lot easier than the classic book! So be on the lookout for that.