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Pyrotechnics at the Table – Should I even post this?

I have pondered long and hard about whether I should actually write this post. I myself have used pyrotechnics at the table a number of times without issues. But when is fire involved there is also a danger. And I do not want to be responsible if anyone burns their

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4 versions of the 3d-printed base
3D printing

3D-printed Base for Paper Miniatures

You probably know that paper minis are awesome. What makes them even more so are removable bases. They let you store your collection pretty much flat, and allow you to use bases to designate and distinguish between enemies. There are other options out there, but none of them are from

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Eyestalk Trophy close-up
Roleplaying Props

Eyestalk Trophy – an Aberrant Keepsake

Few enemies in Dungeons & Dragons are as iconic as the many-eyed, floating ball of magical annihilation known as the Beholder. If your adventuring party ever crosses path with one, chances are that it is now dead, defeated in an epic battle. Because otherwise, you would not be standing here.

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Possible Exterios for the Wells of Nessus
Roleplaying Inspiration

Wells of Nessus – an Infernal Tavern Location

Need an infernal tavern, a meeting place for devils, or a place to have a diabolical time? Look no further than the Wells of Nessus. A devil bar with an intriguing (or disgusting) exterior and lots of room for interesting encounters. Either as a good place for infernal information gathering

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Rank Structure of the Astralytes – Sires and Lamas

Following up on the Introduction of the Astralytes, today I want to go deeper into their rank structure, which reflects that this guild is torn between being a research organization and a university, with ambitions to protect the cosmos in general. You can use these ranks to flavor NPCs, or

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Benefits of using Paper Models

It will not come as a surprise to you that I am a big advocate of using paper models in your game. The good news is that there is nothing lost by trying something new. We have used plastic miniatures at our table for ages, side by side to paper

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Roleplaying Inspiration

Welcome to the Tikis – A Video-Game-to-Adventure Story

This is about turning parts of a video game into adventure material. In case you were wondering, a spitting frog inspired our journey to the Tikoids (or Tikis for short). If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I like to make things, sometimes for the sake of

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