I have not really been active here recently. After trying a weekly schedule on my largely unrelated YouTube channel, I realized that I need to make a few changes. One of those is to embrace my failure to pick one thing and stick with it.

Do all the Things

One detriment to my “success” is probably that I have not “niched down”. Not for nothing do I have three homepages with different themes (find the others here and here). While there have been times when I only contributed to one of them, I have never been able to stop any of them to make room for the other two, at least in my head.

Obviously, I did the prudent thing – I embraced it. I want to do more on all those pages, but it will undoubtedly be less. My go-to was to come up with an idea, then turn it into a series of articles in my mind. Then, when writing one such article, I would flesh it out until I had a very long text at my hands, and spend a long time trying to get it to a point where I was okay with publishing it.

Stop Writing for the Rabbit Hole

I have a number of articles floating around, and an even larger number of potential “products”, like adventures or even campaign settings. I recently did a count. I have about 100 pages of text written, that are nowhere near ready to be published. And that is a problem.

While I enjoy writing, I want to share my ideas even more. I want to inspire, and pages in a private folder do not do that. Also, I did not get to learn from the mistakes I undoubtedly made within these 100 pages – what works and what does not, and how to improve things beyond my current standards.

TL;DR: An Update

In summary, I need to change the way I tackle the ideas floating around in my head. Moving forward, I want to write shorter, more easily digestible articles, and publish them more often. I might break up some of my bigger ideas into chunks to get them out the door – more bite-sized, like this update.

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