A hexflower is a random table with a memory. Or an attitude. You roll on it using 2d6. But unlike a standard random table, a hexflower (or the user) remembers where it’s at, and that influences where you can go.

Hexflowers are not my idea. You can find more on the theory on the Goblin Henchman’s blog, as well as some examples. They go into some of the finer points, as well as what to do when you hit the edges.

The best example I found is weather. Rolling on a random table might give you storm, then sunshine, then two days of snowfall. On a hexflower, you would move more naturally through different weather, with, say, a day of light drizzle separating a dry day from a monsoon.

Rules & Intentions

Since the AI artifact series is going well, I got infected by the idea to create hexflowers based on a set of random words. I’ll be using sets of three words from a random word generator on the internet. It’s the same site I use for my AI artifacts.

I want to use three words because when I tested the words, many were not suited for a hexflower with any relation to that word. With three, there should be at least one that I can tie to a semi-meaningful and maybe not pointless hexflower that someone can use – or at least enjoy. If I can combine two words, all the better. I have not put much thought into what I’d do if I could get all three words in there, but who knows.

The Hexflower Template

In case you still have no idea how a hexflower is supposed to work, here’s an example. The hex named “test” serves as our starting point, but that is variable depending on the circumstances. The numbers show you the direction to take relative to the hex you are standing on, depending on the result of the 2d6 roll.

hexflower template
My template. If you can’t tell, it’s just a test.

For example, if you start at “Test” and roll a 10, you move to “Left Test”. Then, a 3 moves you to “More Test”. A “12” gets you to “Yet more Test”, and a subsequent 9 takes you to “More Left Test”.

Let me hex you!

I’m curious to see where this will lead. And I’m looking for your feedback to improve these – both the general template, to make it easily understood, as well as the novelty hexflowers I will come up with – soon! So join me on Discord!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to Be Inspired!

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