Here’s an idea, which may or may not be new. Use a random word generator, feed that into an AI as describing an artifact or rather a magic item, and write something about the resulting AI artifacts. Sounds fun? Let’s do it. In the spirit of the recent updated, the idea is that these will be rather short, but inspiring nonetheless.

The Process

Here are the rules for this idea, set in stone – until I come up with rules that work better. Then I’ll probably get a new stone. If you have input on any of these steps feel free to contact me!

Random Words

The first step is a Random Word Generator. I set it to generate three adjectives with more than one syllable.

Random Image

I will use Midjourney to generate an image – or four, as the system goes. As prompt, I have decided to use

/imagine prompt magic artefact that is <random adjective>, <random adjective> and <random adjective>, in the style of a video game asset

That last addition is to make sure that there is no distracting background. Midjourney can iterate on one of the four designs it generates based on the prompt, but I chose not to use that feature. Instead, I will be the element of randomness in choosing one of the four designs.

Example: Artifacts generated using “random”, “weird” and “awesome”

Random Story

To round the whole random weirdness out, I will come up with something to write about the image. This could be a (very) short story about its origins or the special powers it bestows. This might also be adventure hooks. Either way, I vow that it will be short.

The AI Artifacts

Here are the items that I have already finished. More will be added soon-ish.

AI Artifacts Discussions

If you feel the need to get in touch for any reason, you should really join my Discord server. It’s free, but (hopefully) full of inspiration. Feel free to check out the other inspirations on this site, and remember to Be Inspired!