The Lich is a pretty iconic undead villain for tabletop roleplaying games, and they come with a mechanic that adds another layer of danger to them – their phylactery, or soul anchor. A box that. with the right kind of wrong magic, helps them to defy death and return even when their physical form was destroyed by nasty adventurers. My players have met a few liches in their games, and I like making them a (very) visual prop for when they manage to find and destroy a phylactery – and open the lich up to final defeat.

Of course, you should definitely use Common Sense™ when dealing with fire and flamable things. If you do, and, say, light the phylactery on cobblestones or tiles, you and your players should be in for a firey treat confined to the box you prepared. Also, keep in mind that you can add design elements in different ways. You can drop clues by inscribing them on flash paper to vanish in an instant if the players do not pay attention, or small, non-flammable items that remain and can be used as proof of the anchor’s undoing.

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