Paper Brain – Help your Party remember (for free!)

There is a lot going on in your game, and while their characters shape the world around them, players sometimes find it hard to keep track of things they need to remember. Enter the paper brain, a handy and good looking gaming aid that allows you to take notes and keep an inventory of things that need remembering. Need an example? Check out the Story behind the Paper Brain below! (more…)

Zone Markers! Be in the Zone, unless it is Lava!

It’s a sign! – Walking Papercut presents: Zone Markers

Did you ever need to mark a persistent area effect on a battle map so nobody would forget it was there, or how far it extended? Or maybe you wanted to mark a spot for some reason, or simply put up a guidepost for your players?

Then look no further! WPC’s new Zone Markers can be found here. Learn more about them below. They…


Oracle of Dragon Teeth

Reach into your pocket and grab a hand full of dragon teeth! Either to impress your friends with your accomplishments hunting the beasts, or to predict the future with a set of very special teeth. This set gives you teeth for twelve distinct dragons, each with six different variations. You Read more…