The Artist List Plugin is barely a thing yet and you already want to look at its page? Good on you! I’ll update this when there is something to update!

Update: It’s working! Cue the Anakin-in-Podracer-Gif. As a matter of fact, if you are looking at the List of Artists now, you are already seeing the plugin at work!

Will I release this plugin? I’m not sure. It would take a lot of polish to make it really usable. For now, I add data directly to the underlying table, and there are literelly no bells and whistles on it. But it works!

Roadmap: What more do I need? Nothing. But I want to add more groups of artists, like cosplayers, woodturners and photographers. But before I do that, I need to go through all those already on the list and make sure they have all the right tags.