I have grown fond of the Game Control, and recently have started a series over on my maker site about how to take something metaphysical from the game and make it real. Now, I got the idea to do the same here – take something metaphysical from a game and turn it into “items” you can use in game.

The Control Materials

Without context, here are the materials you can collect in the game. They are represented by symbols, thus do not have a physical component to them. If you look at the names and concepts below, you can probably tell why.

Control materials

While I think it is fun to try and come up with physical representations for metaphysical object, I like the idea of keeping them conceptual for this series. That means they would be different than most other magic items in your average fantasy roleplaying game.

And if you are more into something contemporary or retro/futuristic (like the aforementioned game), you can probably still use them since they do not have any “look” that dates them in any way. Just be ready to adjudicate mechanics to fit your system if necessary. Even metaphysical ideas can change their stripes if the game master requires it.

How this will (most likely) work

Of course, this is the usual introduction post. No items will be described here. But I want to lay down some expectations. The idea is that

  • there is a way to find (or maybe create) each of these concepts.
  • You can then carry them with you – not sure whether there will be a one-method-fits-all approach or something distinct for each.
  • And then there will be a way to use them.

I will link finished posts up above for your convenience as soon as they pop into existence. Until then, you can check out the Control-related content over on BeInspiredWithDominic.com, or the more roleplaying-oriented inspiration here. If you have feedback for either, check out my Discord.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to Be Inspired!